. Lisa Cooley

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Spiritual Support and Soul Nourishment

Encouraging a soul-centred approach to life...

In an ever changing world and one that is evolving from a denser vibration to a finer, its important to recognize that we are not separate from this evolutionary experience. All of humanity is part of a much bigger picture.

The soul is our essence and creates the bridge in consciousness whilst we are in incarnation, between the Monad or universal Spirit and the subtle bodies and chakras of the personality self.

For us to integrate, contribute and be in harmony with these finer frequencies, it's essential that we consciously refine ourselves on all levels. This results in the essence of the soul being embodied, manifesting as living life guided by our true divine self often manifesting as intuition. Instead of believing that we are living life by a sequence of random circumstances. This means we recognize that everything is being magnetized by the vibration we are choosing to resonate to. Also that we can utilize soul power and can change our reality if we choose too. We are certainly not victims.

The soul's purpose is life. All life experiences regardless of the judgements that the personality self places on them, contributes to the whole. We either allow the experiences to move us further away from our inner self, or fully take responsibility for our life and move closer to our essence. We know when we are aligning with soul as we respond to life in a more balanced way regardless of the circumstances presented. The bigger picture is always in view.

We all have wonderful inner resources to align with, as lifetime to lifetime we have gathered a wonderful library of knowledge. This knowledge only evolves into wisdom once we begin to apply it to every aspect of life.

It's time to free ourselves from being the seeker believing that someone, something or the next workshop or course has the answer. To the full recognition that the master lies within. We already have everything we require. The only reason we feel compelled to continue to seek is that the knowledge hasn’t been applied to our own life journey. Knowledge requires application to transform into wisdom.

How can we do this ? Practicing self awareness through creating times of reflection in our day to begin with, such as with a meditation practice. Self nurturing and self care and generally becoming more present and responsive to life and seeing our part in it. Gradually through practice and rhythm we will re-orient ourselves from outer focusing to inner focusing.

This doesn't necessarily mean being introverted. It means observing every aspect of life through the eyes of the wise soul, and a place of inner stillness and peace. This is the moment when we are living as the soul. When we are living life from a loving heart centered place it means that life can respond and reflect this back to us. Circumstances will still come along, however they won’t completely knock us off balance. It is only the personality self that lives life in this unstable way.

It really is time to live our truth. A very basic sign post is our conscience, as this will always tell us that what we are doing is leading us further away or closer to our heart centre.

“May you have the vision of unfolding and emerging potentiality that only Love can offer”    Lisa