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Spiritual Support and Soul Nourishment 

encouraging a Soul Centred

Approach to Life.

Crystal Dimensions Visualisation

We are in a very changing world and one that is evolving from a denser level of vibration to a higher one. For us to move into these higher frequencies and be able to ground this energy, it is vital that we too raise our vibration via our consciousness. To develop our energy bodies and chakra system to house the soul. It is time to move from being the seeker to the Master.

The soul is consciousness and creates the bridge between the Light or Divine Universe and the personality self. Our world is a reflection of our inner self. So if we hold fear of change we reflect that into our world. We will often find that everywhere we turn we seem to find ourselves in situations that are calling for change. This is because us as soul wishes to evolve and utilizes the world to reflect the opportunity that will expand our consciousness. Everything is energy and is in a constant state of motion. Nothing can remain the same. The seasons are symbolic of this universal law.

Taking responsibility for ourselves is key to the evolution of humanity as individually we contribute to the whole. Lifetime to lifetime we have gathered experiences or inner resources that we can draw upon. However to tap into this inner storehouse it is essential that we are able to quieten our thoughts and emotions, so that we can hear this inner wisdom. Living a chaotic life only creates more of the same. The more we believe that the outer world is our ruler the more we become its servant and embody that reality of belief.

Self awareness through meditation, utilizing the energies of crystals and becoming more present, can remind us how to reconnect to the inner stillness and peace of the soul in every aspect of life. As the souls purpose is Life. Spiritual evolution in the Aquarian Age unlike that of the Piscean Age is one that is to be mastered in daily living. 

Everything offered is a synthesis of personal experience in alignment with Ageless Wisdom and universal laws . Offering intuitive insights to soul consciousness to lay foundations to the reawakening of divinity that lies deep within the heart flame.

It is time to live our truth.