. Lisa Cooley

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Soul Focus Sessions

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The intention for these sessions is to consciously re-establish soul alignment to maintain a steady rhythm in Life. Its so easy to become distracted and caught up in the drama of outer circumstances. This can manifest in many ways such as feeling stressed, confused or chaotic in some way. The group energy will offer a stable foundation so that clarity can be found once more.

Soul focus and clarity enables stabilisation of the lower energy bodies and chakras creating harmony once more between the soul and personality. Naturally bringing balance once more to life.

I will offer intuitive support through meditation and reflection. A meditation will be available for use at home as a continued source of soul focus and integration.

These sessions can be attended as a regular rhythm or as a one off if you feel disconnected from the soul in some way. They will be intuitively guided and therefore of the moment and different each time. We are in the time of miracles and magic, its time to transform into new ways of living and being.

Session Fee - £25.00

Times - 10.00am - 1.00pm

Please bring along a notebook and pen

Please email for details.

Forthcoming Soul Focus Sessions:

Next Soul Focus session to be announced