. Lisa Cooley

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Soul Nurturing Sessions

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We all have the power to change and enrich our lives and it all starts with the soul and our abilty to be open and receptive to its love.

Our gifts and talents are like seeds within our heart waiting to be bathed with our souls love and light.

During these sessions I offer guidance on how to strengthen the loving supportive energy of the soul and how to recognise and feel this inner soul connection.

I offer intuitive channelled guidance and support through gentle meditation and other soul nurturing tools. During the channelled meditation the sound harmonic of the crystal singing bowls and sacred Light Language vibrates any discordant energy from the energy system and around the cellular structure, aiding release of limiting belief patterns and stagnant unresolved emotions, opening a space for the light and love of the soul to flood in. Assisting the beautiful flower of soul to grow in your heart bringing divine experience into daily living.

These soul nurturing group sessions are to begin grounding the unified group soul energy bringing heart healing and release. Each session is unique as i will be intuitively guided by the collective group soul present. As the group comes together with the intention and focus on the self as soul the energy is magnified by those present.

These sessions are different each time as i focus on the individual group consciousness and the energy of the present.

Session Fee: £25.00

Session Time: 10.00am - 1.00pm

Please bring along a notebook and pen.

Please email for details.

Forthcoming Soul Nurturing Sessions:

Next Soul Nurturing session to be announced