. Lisa Cooley

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Lisa Cooley - This life's journey, so far...

In 1994 i awakened to a holistic approach to health and well-being by completing a two-year Diploma in Crystal Therapy, going on to gain a teaching certificate and teaching for a registered school of the Affiliation of Crystal Healers Organisation for many years. This served as a great platform for my journey.

Gradually through building a successful practice and developing many unique crystal and energy techniques, i was excited to write my own syllabus and share what i had learnt through experience by setting up Crystal Dimensions Energy School in 2001. The foundations of the professional Crystal Therapy Course taught was specifically on a soul centred approach to life. Not just learning healing techniques to practice on others, but that its essential to understand our own journey to support others. Particularly understanding an in-depth knowledge of the energy system. This professional course was taught until 2014.

A huge aspect of my journey is being committed to knowing and trusting when the soul is guiding us to let go and be open to change. My own journey has taught me that nothing is permanent and that the soul is ever evolving. Therefore i have written and taught many workshops and courses over the years and enjoy sharing inner wisdom through experience, but have endeavoured to know when its time to move forward again and be open to the next chapter. The key really is to keep walking forward. Although thats easier said than done at times.

Most recently my intention has to become quieter and more peaceful in my approach to life, as i have endeavoured to embody the ageless wisdom teaching that it is in the silence that the soul speaks. At present focusing fully on remote soul guidance sessions which i developed and began in 2007. The intention for these sessions is to offer a souls perspective and points to focus on without the need for getting caught up in spiritual businesses and looking to the past. Also to awaken the remembrance that the inner teacher has everything we require for our journey in the present moment. We all require support at times, however many still look outside for others to heal them rather than within. There really is nothing to heal. Every experience is an opportunity for soul and personality integration if we choose to observe life's promptings.

Remote sessions are about recognising that often our potentiality is veiled by the personality's distorted perspective of Life. These sessions are a synthesis of intuitive wisdom gained from endeavouring to personally live a soul centred life and be open to new possibilities. As always the journey continues.

Lisa Cooley

"May you have the vision of unfolding and emerging potentiality that only Love can offer"      

    Lisa Cooley