Creating a moment to pause and reflect. Lisa Cooley

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Creating a moment to pause and reflect

To pause and become still isn’t inactive. It is a moment of creative expectancy and of being open to receive. It provides the soul’s light with the opportunity to reflect upon the mirror of the stilled mind. Allowing deeper intuitive wisdom to be impressed and expanded upon. Aiding and enriching daily life and our interactions with others.

This meditation may be helpful to carry out before reflection.

New Reflections will be added regularly.

Reflection - December 2016

Imagination requires focused effort in-order to manifest it into form. It is by the focused will that imagination is given life or is brought alive. Through a process of union the imagination is given a vessel through which it can be born. Just like fire and water that individually are powerful in there own right, or if out of control can be destructive. However there united power through a union can create steam. Union is required to birth an idea otherwise it continues to drift without focus or ability to materialise.

The union required for imagination to be born and which is fundamental to the expression of soul creativity, is the aligning of heart and mind. As heart and mind unite the creative imagination is given a doorway through which it can be born. However it still requires focused effort as this is the spark that lights the fire.

The united energy of the heart and mind can then adjust the flow of creative expression required to guide the manifestation, so that it stays in full alignment with soul purpose. If heart and mind are not united they have the potentiality to become out of control like fire and water. Leaving imagination to drift like a boat on the sea without any guidance or destination. This often manifests as despondancy or disapointment in life. However when heart and mind are united creative expression is infinite, as trust is born and Love is the destination. 

What is in my imagination ?

What have i been dreaming about?

What effort is required to begin the process of manifestation, and to light the fire of my imagination ?

What could i put into action today to activate and awaken the process of union ?


Reflection - September 2016

Energy is in constant motion, therefore everything regardless of our perception is ever changing, evolving, dying and being reborn often simultaneously.

Is this something that we know fully in our heart or is the perception of transformation appearing as if out of reach and only in thought.

Do we trust inner knowing to guide and provide safe passage through what the personality may be experiencing presently as a storm.

What is transforming in my life right now?

Is there something i could apply today to deepen heart felt trust that everything is unfolding beautifully, even though i may not see it from a soul's perspective as yet?


Reflection - August 2016

Any creative act bathes us in soul's love. The soul is a creative expression of Spirit or Life. As we engage with creativity in a conscious yet gentle and allowing way, we put love into action. We create in full alignment with our heart, and birth from our true divine self. The soul radiates through us in ever expanding and beautiful ways. This is the ultimate expression of self love and care.

What creative soul expression am I radiating today?

How can I nurture it?