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Remote Energetic Alignment and Soul Guidance

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Please Note - I am taking a break from remote sessions at the moment, so not presently taking bookings. 

During a remote session the soul is free to guide intuitively via a mediator or receptive channel without the hindrances of any personality thought-forms and emotions. Of course the soul doesn’t really require a mediator, however when we are energetically misaligned, which could be manifesting itself as disturbance in our life in some way, we often get in our own way and don’t always sense our inner soul connection. This can lead to self doubt and becoming confused about how to move forward.

Everything is energy which is why remote sessions are possible. They are multi-dimensional and therefore transcend time and space. We don’t have to be physically with someone to guide or support. In my experience, deeper levels of healing, balance, nurturing and understanding can come through remote sessions, because the personality isn’t present sabotaging and blocking the full potentiality available in the session. Due to this the soul’s wisdom is revealed and the personality is more receptive to hear and then respond positively.

We may wonder why we would sabotage our own healing process. This is not often conscious as the personality may have lived with a belief, illness or disturbance for so long and will often work hard to protect what is known as to the personality this may feel safer than to let go or change to something that as yet is unknown and therefore may feel scary.

We also carry many beliefs that we have to struggle and suffer to grow. This is a perspective that may have served us well in the old paradigm which was very much about victim-hood. We are now in the new paradigm,the Aquarian Age and with this comes the energy of freedom and expansion through transformation. Personal responsibility is key to this freedom. We are not victims of our past.

Remote sessions are different from Distant Healing, they are often confused as being the same. Distant healing is transmitting energy to another through a thought process about the person perhaps seeing them well or happy. Of course we all wish for everyone to be happy and well however our own feelings and thoughts can get in the way and become our will rather than what the individual may need to experience for themselves on their own life journey.

Remote sessions hold the energy steady so that the personality is supported to self heal and receive the guidance required through self knowing and with divine timing. Which can mean a different time frame to what the personality may wish for. Its the same as the difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer is talking to God or the divine and can often end up like pleading for a resolution in an emotional way whereas meditation is being open and responsive to listen to God or the Divine. Which may bring a different perspective and way forward that were previously clouded by emotions and judgements.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and this requires self initiation as we are all on our own journey. This is why it is important that someone books their own session. As this technique is intuitively transmitted from a soul level, as soon as a positive intention is set to be open to receive soul guidance the energy begins to flow. Many have shared this response with me. They start to feel more positive and open to changes as soon as they have requested a session. Intention is a powerful force and this is the power of self mastery. It indicates that we are open and responsive to whatever way healing manifests. We are sending out a message to our soul that we are ready.

Remote sessions offer the soul an opportunity to communicate. It is essential that the guidance is reflected upon and that our own truth is found within the words. This means that we move from being the seeker looking for the answer from another to the loving awakened inner heart where the souls love and truth resides.


Cost for a session is £35.00 plus postage as appropriate.

To arrange to have a remote session please enquire via email. 

As this is a soul guided session we don't need to arrange an appointment time.

Feedback from the session will be recorded to reflect upon at home and is available on a CD by post or an MP3 emailed. Please choose which option you prefer when booking.

Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive the feedback from your session.

It is essential that the individual requesting the session book it themselves. Through an individuals own actions the soul and personality align, opening the energy field which is required to bring about transformation.


“All that any disciple or aspirant has to do in relation to his fellowmen is to stimulate the light that is in them, leaving them free to walk in their own light and way upon the path”

The Tibetan